Pretty Mardi Gras cupcakes with cinnamon frosting

The Mardi Gras cupcake love continues; these colorful Mardi Gras cupcakes are by blogger Erica at Sweet Tooth, who shares her cake mix recipe, and used the cookbook Hello, Cupcake! as inspiration and adapted the Fake Ginger recipe for her cinnamon frosting. Erica writes:
They were extremely festive -- I love the vibrant colors of mardi gras and I was able to dump a whole lotta food coloring into the batter so that they baked brightly. Everyone was completely stunned how I was able to make the 3 colors so distinct, but all it took was a few spoons and a little finesse. Cupcake batter is not that runny, so when you spoon out a bit into the liner, it'll hold its place as long as you move quick to put in the next color. The result is so fun -- the possibilities of color combination make them perfect for just about any occasion.