Cherry blossom and spring flower cupcake prettiness

More cherry blossom cupcakes are coming soon! These are by Le Dolci Cupcakes and Cakes in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, via @LeDolci on Twitter, from a custom order. Visit their Facebook page or for more information.

They also teach cupcake classes; on March 25th will be introduction to cupcake decorating, and March 31st is introduction to spring cupcakes. I also like the sound of this class: Gucci, Chanel, LV, Tiffany & you – Designer Cupcake Class!

Here's the description of the cupcake decorating class:
At this absolute beginners class, suitable for anyone at any age(!), you will work with tools that professional cake makers use to create your own cupcake works of art. You will work with fondant and professional food colouring to make simple shapes and decorations for your little bundles of goodness. After working with fondant, you will then experiment with our mouth watering buttercream icing. Using the deliciously smooth buttercream icing you will test out different nozzles and colors to make wonderful swirls, seashells, grass and more! Class time -2 hours.

You will have a fun time in a relaxing atmosphere, have gained confidence in working with fondant, food colouring, cutters and piping bags and be leaving with a set of 12 fabulously decorated cupcakes that your friends and family will be suitably impressed by!