Cupcakes Take The Cake on Pinterest and More

Broadway Black and White Cupcakes

 Hey Guys! I want to post about a few little things and figure I would combine them all in one post.

  •  Cupcakes Take The Cake is on Pinterest. Follow Us
  •  Cupcakes Take The Cake has Foursquare lists of bakeries in New York City, Austin and Philadelphia. We plan to do more cities. 
  •  We want more cupcake voices!  If you want to guest blog on Cupcakes Take The Cake, let us know by pitching an idea to us via email (CupcakesTakeTheCakeATgmailDOTcom). It can be a new take on a classic recipe, recap of a cupcake event, running a cupcake business, cupcake crafting, etc.


Little Miss Cupcake said…
Yay! Welcome to Pinterest! Following you!