Does a no bake cupcake count as a cupcake?

That was my first thought when I saw this post at The Kitchn with photos and the recipe for no bake lemon cream and coconut icebox cupcakes. They are adorable and look super fun but what do you think? Do cupcakes require baking? Can these desserts lay claim to the title of "cupcake" or should they be called something else? (Note: I only mean this query half seriously, and we do occasionally post non-cupcake items that look cupcakes, but I really am curious, but by no means wish to discourage you from making them. I like all the things involved with them, including lemon cream, coconut and Nilla wafers!) Also, from the post: "Use the lemon cream as the base, but if you don't like coconut, for instance, you could sprinkle these with chopped candied lemon peel or white chocolate shavings instead. Or double up on the lemon and drizzle them with warmed lemon curd!" Also, I love lemon curd. Like would eat it straight out of the jar love it.