Flaming Baked Alaska Cupcakes with Recipe Link

I know what you're thinking. BLASPHEMY! That cupcake is on fire! But wait! I swear it's part of the recipe! Sprinkle Bakes has developed these gorgeous Flaming Baked Alaska cupcakes! If you're unfamiliar with Baked Alaska it is a dessert composed up of ice cream layered with sponge cake topped with a meringue that's then placed in a super hot oven to set the meringue and brown the top. Because of all this meringue and short trip in a high heat oven the ice cream is actually protected from melting!

The process to recreate this cupcake is a little more involved that your standard everyday cupcake recipe but as you can tell from the picture, the extra time spent is well worth it! Check out the recipe and step by step guide here!