Happy 100th birthday, Oreo cookie, good for topping, baking inside and making penguins in cupcake form

Oreo cookies are delicious, if you ask me. I'm partial to the pry the cookie open and scrape out the sweet gooey part inside, then eat the cupcake method of eating them myself. Today is the 100th birthday of the Oreo cookie, which also makes a fabulous cupcake topper, or cupcake filler, as you can see below.

Oreo cupcakes by blogger Bakergirl, who has the recipe

Oreo baked inside a cupcake and a mini one on top, by melonqueen on Flickr

Oreo penguin cupcake by blogger my feelings taste like cupcakes, where you can get the recipe and decorating instructions, via Flickr: "Oreo crust, vanilla cake, cookies and cream Oreo filling, marshmallow frosting with an Oreo penguin face on top!"