Happy National Waffle Day! 6 waffle cupcakes, from blueberry waffle to double chocolate ice cream waffle to chicken and waffle

Happy National Waffle Day! I know it's late in the day, but it's still technically a food holiday. Here are 6 waffle cupcakes to enjoy while eating waffles, or cupcakes, or both!

Waffle cupcake by Ovenly Delights, where you can get the recipe

Stroop waffel cupcake by Shove It In Your Face who writes "Topped with a neutral Italian meringue butter cream and drizzled with cinnamon caramel."

by Suzy Sweet Tooth, who writes: "The cake is a vanilla butter cake made with buttermilk, real maple syrup, and some cinnamon to give it a waffle-like taste. It's topped with a maple buttercream that also has some pancake house flair, and the cutest part? The tiny little waffle cookie on top. It's a buttery vanilla pressed cookie, and I topped it with powdered sugar, just like I like on my waffles. "

Blueberry waffle cupcake by Jellytots & Dollymixtures in the UK, via Flickr

double chocolate ice cream waffle cupcakes from Meet The Swans, which, in more detail, means: "A waffle bowl with french vanilla cake baked inside, edge dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in toasted almonds, a layer of rich chocolate pudding and ice cream filling, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a strawberry and finished with chocolate sauce drizzle."

No waffle cupcake post would be complete without a chicken and waffle cupcake! This one's by Brooklyn's Robicelli's via Blondie and Brownie