How to bake a LEGO® inside your cupcake for Double LEGO® Cupcakes!

Blogger S'tasty was inspired by toys and found a way to create these awesome Double LEGO® cupcakes that are so full of coolness I don't even know what to say. There's detailed instructions there on how to do your own. Oh, and the LEGO® pieces on top are made of chocolate and totally edible! S'tasty also has the recipe. We've seen hearts inside cupcakes, shamrocks inside cupcakes, what's next? I am always going to be enamored of anyone who can pull this off. Via Craftzine.

chocolate LEGO®s on top!

LEGO® shapes inside!

From the S'tasty post:
It all started with a brown piece of LEGO®. To me it looked like a shiny cube of delicious milk chocolate. Wouldn’t it be great if it actually was chocolate? The cream coloured pieces could be sweet white chocolate and the glossy black pieces a rich dark chocolate. If only that were possible, I thought. Well, with the help of some magic blue stuff, I made my chocolate LEGO® dream come true. It was pretty simple to make them too.

However, once I had made my sweet chocolate specimens, they seemed a little small and insignificant. What I really needed was a vehicle to carry my chocolate LEGO® and lift them up for the world to see. So, I decided on a simple vanilla cupcake and some creamy vanilla icing as a platform for my glorious chocolate LEGO®. The problem was though, the vanilla cupcake idea seemed a little lame and boring. LEGO® is so fun and colourful, so I figured the cupcakes should be bright and vivid too. I saw this great idea, on a blog on Valentine’s Day, where the blogger made a cupcake with a red cake heart concealed inside. So I borrowed this idea, but modified it a bit. I placed a colourful LEGO® cake piece inside my cupcakes. Now, I really had a cupcake worthy of my chocolate LEGO® and all my LEGO® dreams were complete. I really have to stop imagining everything can be made into food….what next!