Pretty rainbow cupcake plus recipe link

Want to know how to make these rainbow cupcakes, for St. Patrick's Day or otherwise? Head on over to food blog The Curvy Carrot for the recipe! She writes:
As far as the cake goes, use your favorite white cake recipe, divide the batter into several small bowls, and color each bowl with your desired food coloring gels. I decided to try a white cake recipe from King Arthur for this recipe, but, in all honesty, I will most likely go back to my favorite from Baking Illustrated (see the recipe here) because I like the spongy texture (and the more potent almond flavor.) better. And for the frosting? I was running low on vanilla extract, so I threw in some butter flavoring instead. Holy moly. If you want a buttery buttercream (and who doesn’t, really?), try this if you happen to have some on hand. It’ll knock your socks off.