Snapshots from Swirlz Cupcakes in Chicago

Swirlz in Chicago, where I'm posting this from, has free Jameson shots out for St. Patrick's Day and some mini cupcakes to try. All the cupcakes I tasted were delicious, especially the gluten-free Twixie cupcake, which has chocolate cake, a layer of melted chocolate, a layer of shortbread cookie, salted caramel buttercream, drizzled with homemade caramel, and the Thin Mint cupcake, which has chocolate cake, with a layer of chocolate, homemade chocolate sugar cook, mint buttercream (that was extra smooth and light) and hand-dipped in chocolate, and the vegan, gluten-free mint chocolate chip! More about Swirlz later, but definitely check them out at

gluten-free Twixie

triple chocolate mini cupcake (chocolate cake with chocolate chips baked in, with a layer of chocolate ganache, with chocolate frosting and dipped in chocolate and then drizzled with white chocolate!)

banana Nutella cupcakes (these sold out before I got to try one!)

Jameson buttercream frosting shots