Some of the cutest cupcakes you'll ever see: high heels, Twinkie heads, gumball machines, goldfish, Smurfs, brides, Matisse, Mondrian, Van Gogh and more

This cupcake spotlight could have been much, much longer, but I want to encourage you to check out Only in Bucks for a fun, brilliant, smile-inducing look at cupcake creativity in action. The press tends to focus on business and bakeries to the exclusion of the true heart of the cupcake revolution: cupcake lovers, at home, baking their hearts out. I love cupcake bakeries, of course, but the reason cupcakes are still as popular as ever (more, actually) is that they are something we can truly personalize in any and every way. Just look at how many high heel cupcakes have been created only in the past 2 months! Via @PinkeandBrowne on Twitter. This made my day!

From the post:
Last weekend I had the privilege to photograph Peddlers Village's first annual Cupcake Decorating Competition. Held at Giggleberry Fair, it was one of the special events planned to celebrate their 50th anniversary. I was the only blogger invited, and I must say... I felt pretty cool when I was allowed to enter the roped off section and preview the all the entries!

With over 1,000 cupcakes competing in various categories, I had to to quickly devise my own grading system. Anything you see here falls under one of my own categories: Pretty, Creative, or Simply Adorable. For those of you who didn't make it to the competition, here's a little "taste."

beautiful high heel cupcakes (I'd eat these, and I'd wear the real shoe version!)