St. Patrick's Day Irish Cake Bomb cupcake for sale at Cupcake Royale in Seattle

St. Patrick's Day excitement is in full swing already at Seattle bakery Cupcake Royale, who say: "We've added Elliott Bay's organic No Doubt Stout to our moist chocolate cake and filled it with a bomb of Jameson Whiskey-infused buttercream frosting. Then we covered it with a whipped Irish Cream frosting, dusted with gold and sprinkled with shamrocks." Via Cupcake Royale on Facebook. Visit for locations and more information.


Joyfull4444 said…
You have to wonder if the Irish get tired of hearing & reading about Irish car bombs, Irish cake bombs, or Irish cupcake bombs, every time St Pats rolls around as it's basically a reminder of civil strife in Ireland at one time.

If it was in reverse, and someone from across the pond posted pics of a United States car bomb, or United States Cake Bomb, or a USA cupcake bomb, every year to mark the anniversary of civil strife in the US, would Americans be fine with that?