Yes, Mother's Day cupcakes are already here, plus kids' cupcake decorating class in London

We haven't even gotten to St. Patrick's Day or Easter, but already cupcake bakers are touting their Mother's Day cupcakes, so for the big planners out there, here are two examples of what I'm sure will be many more Mother's Day cupcakes.

flower cupcakes by Bea's of Bloomsbury in London, via @beas_bloomsbury on Twitter. If you want to learn how to decorate your own Mother's Day cupcakes, they are holding a Mother's Day cupcake class on March 27th for kids! "Our kids cupcake class will teach your child not only how to pipe using different flavoured buttercreams but also decorate cupcakes using edible glitter, dragees and sugar flowers. The class will be held on the 17th March between 12pm-2pm by our Pastry Chef Kate Donnan. Your child will enjoy a fun and creative class and at the end take home 12 cupcakes that will make Mother's Day that extra special."

by Sugar Ruffles, also in the UK, via Flickr - click here for more information. Official description: "Vanilla bean cupcakes decorated with pink marzipan roses and sugar blossoms, presented in pretty pink laser cut cupcake wrappers and packaged in a handbag cupcake box."


Bea's of Bloomsbury said…
thanks for posting our cupcakes! In the UK, Mother's Day is March 18th...not in May like every other country in the world. :)