8 alcohol cupcake companies for your boozey cupcake needs

In alphabetical order, here are some cupcakes for adults only, with plenty of alcohol to correspond with (or pair with) your favorite drinks:

Crunkcakes (Washington, DC)
@crunkcakesdc on Twitter

Cherrybomb cupcakes

Nutty Irishmen cupcakes

Pabst Blue Ribbon cupcakes

Cupcake Wasted (NJ and NY)
@Cupcake_Wasted on Twitter


toasted macaroon

PB&J with Frangelico

The Loaded Cupcake (Tempe, AZ)

Tennessee Honey Cupcake. Vanilla honey batter, filled with a Jack Daniels honey whip cream, topped with lavender white chocolate.

strawberry daquiri

White Russian ("A creamy delight which combines the delicate taste of Baileys with the punching flavor of coffee provided by Khalua liquor, add Smirnoff vodka and call it a good time. We top this off with a mocha flavored Irish butter cream.")

Neco's Cupcake Bar
(Richmond, Virginia) @NecosCupcakeBar on Twitter

mimosa cupcakes

tiramisu cheesecake cupcakes

strawberry and lemon with Verdi cupcakes

Pick Your Poison(Las Vegas)
@PYPbakeshop on Twitter

Stoli chocolate raspberry cupcakes

margarita (I think)

cupcake shots

Sweet & Tipsy
(Miami) Facebook
@SweetandTipsy on Twitter

Irish hug with Guinness, Irish whiskey, & Baileys

White Russian pirouette

lazy niƱa colada with Malibu rum ("pineapple cake infused with malibu rum, topped with a coconut cream cheese frosting & sprinkled with toasted coconuts & dried pineapples")

Tipsy Cupcakes (Denver, Colorado)
@tipsycupcakes on Twitter

red white, and blue patron cupcake
Oreo Kahlua cookie cupcakes

Coco Chocolate Ciroc Cupcake with a Hennessey Filling

Wasted Cupcakes (Los Angeles and US shipping)
@WastedCupcakes on Twitter


pina colada

Black Russian: "A chocolate vodka cupcake, topped with buttercream coffee liqueur frosting and a chocolate straw. Available in top shelf made with Grey Goose vodka and Kahlua coffee liqueur and decorated with a candy rhinestone in addition to the chocolate straw."


Kickass Cupcakes said…
And Kickass Cupcakes, home of Cocktail Cupcake Happy Hour last Monday of every month for the last 5 years...free samples of mini cupcakes with cocktail inspired flavors. 150 + flavors featured and counting!
Cupcake Crusaders said…
My friend has a company called Pink Rhino Cupcakes. She also does yummie boozie cupcakes! (Located in Baltimore MD) Here's her website: http://www.pinkrhinocupcakes.com/
and Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pink-Rhino-Cupcakes/200328436672795?ref=ts
LP said…
Cute cupcakes! I think the guys would love the Pabst one. This book would give guys inspiration http://www.dishblogger.com/2012/01/31/grow-a-sack-bro-make-cupcakes/
ALM Dessert Bar said…
Also check out ALM Dessert Bar!!! The Original Alcohol-Infused Cupcakes of NJ/NY!! :) Like us on FB!!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/ALM-Dessert-Bar/178042292237314
Do you have to have a special license to sell alcohol infused cupcakes?