Challenge: Can You Make A Rhubarb Red Velvet Cupcake?

Inspired by a photo by CityGrit on Instagram, I wondered what a rhubarb red velvet cupcake would taste like.  Since rhubarb is now showing up at farmer's markets,  I would love to see submissions from you, the Cupcakes Take The Cake community, of the best recipes for rhubarb red velvet cupcakes. Are you up for the challenge?! You can adapt from an existing recipe and incorporate rhubarb. Strawberry is often combined with rhubarb, so there's a start.  A frosting that has either cream cheese, mascapone, ricotta or sour cream would be good, too. Be creative and have fun! Feel free to submit photos and recipes via Twitter, Facebook or in the comments of the blog post. The deadline for entry is April 30th.  There will be a recap post of the best, most creative recipes the first week of May.