Review: s'mores and marshmallow cupcakes at House of Cupcakes in Princeton, New Jersey

I stopped in at Cupcake Wars winners House of Cupcakes in Princeton, New Jersey today, and bought a marshmallow and a s'mores cupcake ($2.25 each) to compare them. The s'mores had chocolate cake that I found pretty tasteless, the marshmallow had a light, spongy cake that was almost angel foodesque. What's funny is that I liked the topping on the s'mores cupcake better; the marshmallow frosting was sortof like marshmallow fluff but less sticky, and it had little crunchy sweet bits (not sure what they were) and a dollop of chocolate frosting on top. The marshmallow cupcake was good but, as marshmallow tends to be, extremely sweet, so only those with a very high sugar tolerance would I recommend that to. I've been there before and like the range of cupcake flavors they offer, and will be back, but I'd love to see the s'mores topping on a different cake. For more information, visit

s'mores and marshmallow cupcakes