Review: very crumbly but delicious chocolate red velvet cupcake at Crumbs

Today I passed by a Crumbs Bake Shop I hadn't seen before, even though it's been in Chelsea on 6th Avenue for 6 months. It was very clean and while they didn't have the candy that other Crumbs are offering, they had an array of cupcakes. I bought 2 cupcakes for a total of $7.90, the 550 calorie chocolate red velvet cupcake and the cherry blossom cupcake. I'll review the cherry blossom separately in a comparison post, but I liked the idea of chocolate red velvet because I'm not a cream cheese frosting fan, and usually that's what's paired with red velvet.

This red velvet cake was very moist and taste, and went well with the sweet and chooclatey-frosting. I'd say it's among my favorites at Crumbs, however, it was very crumbly, as evidenced below. I used the stirrer to scoop up some frosting (I didn't see any knives out) and the red velvet cake got all over my table, my hand and my Nook! Visit for location and cupcake information.