San Francisco map made of cupcakes!

I love when art and cupcakes combine, and Cups and Cakes Bakery in San Francisco has shown some major city pride by creating a map of San Francisco with cupcakes! WOW. Love that the 7 mile by 7 mile city is represented by 49 cupcakes too. What an incredible and fun project. Congratulations! From their blog post: "We wanted to do something cool for a local mapping group in San Francisco that meets everytime this year for WhereCamp. Instead of just making regular cupcakes, we made cupcakes in the style of MAPTILES." They're located at 451 9th Street and can be reached at 415-437-2877 or order at and you can find out more at and on Facebook. They tell us:

Data by Open Street Map (CC BY 3.0)
Maptiles by Stamen Design (CC BY SA)
Cupcakes by Cups and Cakes Bakery (EATEN BY 1PM)