Sparking Surprise Carrot Cupcakes

These don't look like cupcakes...these are carrots! But au contraire! These are in fact cupcakes and perfect for Easter Sunday!

Developed by Half Baked but featured on Hostess With The Mostess, these carrot cupcakes are actually ice cream cone cupcakes! 

After baking the cake in the cones and frosting them like you would any other Ice Cream Cupcake Cone recipe but you'll have to freeze these cones with the frosting on before you can dip them into the melted candies to achieve that carrot quality!

Of course, this is the messiest part of the project but once your here, all you have to do is cover the dipped cones in some sprinkles, add some edible grass and TADA! You're all done!

You can check out the full tutorial here!


Dawn Mitchell said…
These "carrots" are so creative! Kudos to Half Baked and Hostess With the Mostess! I absolutely must try these. Love love love!