10 May flower cupcakes

You know the saying April showers bring May flowers? Well, even though in New York we are still have showers on May 1, I wanted to sweeten your day with 10 pretty flower cupcakes to celebrate May!

by Hilary Rose Cupcakes

flower and ribbon cupcakes by Array of Cakes

by Cupcake Charlie's

by Crazy Beautiful Cakes

sunflower cupcake from a Plants vs. Zombies cupcake order by Animated Cupcakes

by Winki's Cakes

Lemon sunflower cupcakes by Sweet Tooth

flower cupcakes by Hawaii's Sweet as Sugar from our Honolulu meetup in January

Mother's Day flower cupcakes by Hoosier Homemade, who shows you how to amke them

Flower ice cream cone cupcakes by FamilyFun (click to find out how to make them)


Debra Kapellakis said…
Some of these look like keepsakes not cupcakes, WOW!