Celebrate 6 years of Johnny Cupcakes tomorrow with free cupcakes, plus June Martha's Vineyard opening

Two big Johnny Cupcakes events are coming up: his Boston store's 6-year anniversary, taking place tomorrow, Saturday, May 19th at 1 pm (details here), and the June 16th opening of his brand new store in Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard! Visit johnnycupcakes.com for all the latest news and also follow @JohnnyCupcakes on Twitter and Johnny Cupcakees on Facebook.

Johnny Cupcakes at his Newbury Street store, with a rare treat: actual cupcakes in stock! via Cupcake Charlie's on Facebook

special Johnny Cupcakes' bananas foster cupcakes

a cupcake and crossbones magnet, unrelated to these events, but cute and at $2.99 one of the cheapest things sold by Johnny Cupcakes, from his online store

The Boston store opening is sponsored by bakery Cupcake Charlie's, who you can find at cupcakecharlies.com and @cupcakecharlies on Twitter; the cupcake photos below are theirs. It does not say "free cupcakes" but I'm assuming that's what's going on with the Cupcake Charlie's sponsoring, but check with Johnny Cupcakes to be sure. If you don't know already, people line up for hours, sometimes days, for their parties and openings, so I'd advise arriving as early as possible. I don't know which cupcake flavors they will have on hand tomorrow, but some of their recent flavors of the day have been cinnamontoast, Boston cream pie, banana nut pancake and rocky road.

Reese's sundae cupcakes

chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, along with the cute Cupcake Charlie's plush toys

Mounds cupcakes

orange chocolate sunshine cupcakes

cupcakes with suns, and sunglasses!

chocolate Guinness cupcakes

caramel creme cupcakes (personally I love these caramel candies; this is my first time seeing them on a cupcake)

custom Google cupcakes

tuttu frutti cupcakes (with Fruity Pebbles!)


Debra Kapellakis said…
mmmmmm...In moments like this I am glad I don't have any cupcake shops here on the island. I wouldn't be able to choose which one. I would buy one of each and make myself sick trying to eat them all in one day.