Colorful push pops, blue velvet chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes, watermelon cake pops and the most beautiful strawberries you've ever seen

I love how creative Oh My Cake! bakeshop in Sierra Vista, Arizona is! They make everything from cupcake push pops to cupcakes and cake pops and more, but what wowed me was how creative, colorful and unique they are. Even their Girl Scout cookies don't stop at the usual Samoa and Thin Mint (don't get me wrong, I love those cookies, but they are the flavors we see most often in cupcake form), but also made Tagalongs. And while their gorgeous decorated strawberries are sold on their own, I can totally picture those as cupcake toppers at a wedding or other elegant event and people fighting over who got to take them! All photos via their Facebook page. Contact them at omcbakeshop at 520-335-2490 or visit

July 4th push pop ideas

a Halloween push pop, with eyeball!

Girl Scout cookie cupcakes: Samoa, Thin Mint, Tagalong

blue velvet cupid chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes

can't you picture these elegant, gorgeous strawberries as cupcake toppers

watermelon cake pops, perfect for summer!


Nichelle said…
I love the watermelon cake pops! They are so stinking cute!
Debra Kapellakis said…
The watermelons take the cake! lol