Cupcake bakery owner loves her job, and we can see why!

"I literally took a bite from 7 different cupcakes of mine.....YUM YUM. I love my job." This was posted on Facebook by Kari Thomas Haskell, co-owner of Retro Bakery in Las Vegas, and it made me smile. I read a lot of self-help and business books and loving what you do is at the top of the list of advice most people will give you about how to be fulfilled, so when I see cupcake bakery owners who are not tired of eating yet another cupcake and appreciate their job, it makes me happy by extension. Find out more about Retro on their Facebook page as well as at and @RetroBakery on Twitter, where you can get more of Kari's perspective, and see more photos in their Flickr account. They require 14 days' notice for customer orders; email them at retrobakery at for details.

chocolate coconut cupcakes

drumstick cupcake

pretty bow

a Tree of Life wedding cake and matching cupcakes perched on branches in special stand created by the customer - what a great combination!

Retro Bakery can put your logo on a cupcake


Debra Kapellakis said…
Biting into cupcakes as part of my job description would be a bonus for me. lol