Cupcakes on a plane: Virgin Atlantic now offers cupcakes for sale to its customers

The day has finally arrived: you can fly with cupcakes. Also exciting: you can call your friends and tell them how awesome eating cupcakes on flight is! According to CNN, "Virgin Atlantic recently announced that passengers can make calls on their cellphones on the airline's Airbus A330 and Boeing 747 flying between London and New York." Virgin Atlantic's partnership with The Indulgence Cupcake Company took flight yesterday. You can pre-select which cupcakes you want from the Virgin Atlantic website at least 4 hours (7 days for your MAN and GLA flights) before your flight (your options are chocolate or lemon) and they'll be delivered to your seat! From a March 2012 press release:
Passengers flying on Virgin Atlantic flights can now pre-order a specially designed pack of 4 cupcakes to be delivered to their seat on boarding the aircraft from Virgin Atlantic’s retail therapy shopping website ( Managing Director Jeremy Jacobs says “We are very excited to start supplying Virgin Atlantic passengers with our cupcakes; we are committed to supplying the very best British cupcakes and are very excited that passengers will be able to celebrate a special occasion or trip with a box of our tasty cupcakes at 35,000 feet!” Indulgence Cupcake Company hope to expand the product range currently on offer and will be looking to offer seasonal specials to customers around the popular holiday periods.

Passengers wishing to place an order must to do a minimum of 4 days before their flight (7 days for flights departing Manchester or Glasgow) either through the Virgin Atlantic’s retail therapy website or the call centre on +44 (0)844 579 0055.
According to their Facebook page, Indulgence Cupcake Company's first cupcakes were flown today to Canada on flight VS095!

these cupcakes aren't available on planes, but were a custom order by Indulgence Cupcake Company using the Virgin Atlantic logo on edible disks - contact them at 01273 419727 or email us at contact at to place an order


Debra Kapellakis said…
That is so cool but 8 pounds for one cupcake...