Magnolia Bakery opening soon in Kuwait, plus plans for Doha, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, Japan and Russia

This just in, from the Facebook page of world famous Magnolia Bakery: "Magnolia Bakery is opening soon in Kuwait! (And Doha, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, Japan and Russia, among other international locations.)" This location will be at Al Hamra Mall in Kuwait City and you can follow @Magnoliakuwait on Twitter for more details (@magnoliabakery is their regular Twitter account).

More details from a February article:
The brand, known for its classic American desserts, will remain focused on its current menu, while developing a few specific items for each culture, Steve Abrams, owner and CEO of Magnolia Bakery, said in an email statement.

The company currently has eight locations worldwide, including five in New York and one each in Chicago, Los Angeles and Dubai.

In addition to the four franchises in the Gulf, the company is planning to open cupcake stores in the UK, Japan, Brazil, Jordan and Morocco.
They've also launched another site-specific cupcake (they have a Grand Central Station cupcake that's only available in their Grand Central shop). This one's their Bloomingdale's Cupcake and is available at Bloomingdale's in Manhattan, and is Chocolate cake swirled with chocolate buttercream and whipped vanilla icing, topped with a dark chocolate disc."

They're also selling graduation cupcakes and today started selling a new flourless chocolate cupcake, available with peanut butter buttercream or whipped vanilla bean meringue buttercream. And I think that catches us up! Find out more at There's so much going on with them I can't fit it all into one post, so stay tuned for my review of their chocolate lemon cupcake.

Magnolia Bakery's Bloomingdale's cupcake

I know Mother's Day is over but I didn't get a chance to post this earlier

their limited edition NATO cupcake (I think this is in Chicago only, celebrating the NATO Summit) on sale through May 25th: "The NATO cupcake is a vanilla cupcake with rich vanilla buttercream frosting topped with decorative blue nonpareils to coincide with the colors of the NATO flag." (via Red Eye)

graduation cupcakes