Next Cupcake Meetup: Cupcake Eating in Chelsea

outside of bakery

The last two cupcake meetups have been in Brooklyn, so the May meetup returns to Manhattan with a meetup/casual crawl in Chelsea. First, we will meet up at Empire Cake in Chelsea, and then walk over to Chelsea Market where there are three more bakeries to indulge in cupcakes, Eleni's, Amy's Bread and Ruthy's. If it is a nice day, we can congregate after cupcake shopping at The Highline.

Cupcakes Take The Cake Meetup 
Saturday, May 12 2PM-4PM
Empire Cake 112 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

 Empire Cake is conveniently located near the 14th Street stop on the A/C/E line.  RSVP


Joy Felizardo said…
Hi! I love you site! I bake also and I am learning a lot of ideas for making our well-loved cupcakes! I will add your link to my blog! hoping you could do the kindness and return the favor! Thanks!
Debra Kapellakis said…
Have fun and don't forget to post photo's.