Photopost: Cupcakes, Cubed!

Here are some nifty cubed cupcakes by, of course, Cupcakes Cubed in Texas!

Sweet Cherry Pie

Mm...sweet cherry pie!

Red Velvet Signature Cupcake

Red velvet signature.

PB & J Infused Cupcake

PB & J-infused cupcake.

Almond Crème Infused Cupcake

Almond crème-infused cupcake.

Tye Dye Cupcake

Gorgeous tie-dye!

Black Raspberry Chip Signature Cupcake

Black raspberry chip.

French Riviera Infused Cupcake

The French Riviera.

Carrot Cake Signature Cupcake

Carrot cake.

Banana Rama Signature Cupcake

Banana-rama! Looks like the best banana pudding. Yum!



Debra Kapellakis said…
That is so cool! Square cupcakes! They look incredibly delicious!