Seattle Stringer Shoots Some Trophy Cupcake Shots

From our shutter stringer out in the tiny fishing village of Seattle comes this sweet shot of a Neapolitan cupcake from Trophy Cupcakes.

Neapolitan - Trophy Cupcakes & Party

Muffin, eater of the cupcake and wife of WoM, reports that the chocolate cake, strawberry and vanilla buttercream frosted and cherry-topped cupcake was "good" and that she "liked the cherry the best." While "not into chocolate cake or buttercream, [she] thought it was well executed." Opines the photog, "I think Trophy seemed moister than PinkaBella, and little tastier, but less creative."

Here's another beautiful Trophy Cupcake cupcake:

Sunflower - Trophy Cupcakes & Party

I can only image how a dozen or so of these would look at a party, or how excited I would be if someone brought me one of these on a rainy day.  WoM reports, "[m]oist chocolate cake, delicious buttercream frosting and bittersweet chocolate chips."

I love that Seattle loves cupcakes so much!



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