Cake Joy's Cinnamon Bun Cupcake With Horchata Frosting

Cinnamon Roll Cupcake With Horchata Frosting

Sunday morning, I was checking Facebook and a status update from Cake Joy caught my eye. It was announcing a new cupcake flavor, Cinnamon Bun with Horchata frosting and Rum soaked raisins. I had to go try it! Cake Joy is located at 364 Myrtle Avenue which is north and east of where I live in Brooklyn and takes either two buses or one subway and a long walk to get there. It was worth the walk in the humidity. The cupcake was delicious! The horchata frosting was amazing, and cinnamon bun has enough spice to make it great. Although the rum soaked raisins were a bit much for me at first, they tasted better as I ate them with the cupcake than the frosting.

Cake Joy has lot of flavors. Some are daily and some are on rotation. Follow on Twitter to find out cupcake flavors. Many of the cupcakes have liquor in them like the Cognac Rosalie or the Mango Colada. This may be why the cupcakes are $4/piece. It's a small indulgence.