A cupcake baked into a cupcake with a cupcake on top = cupcake WIN

Sometimes you see something and you just think, "The internet was created so I could have this moment of pure and total joy." That's how I felt when I saw this cupcake baked into the middle of a cupcake with a mini cupcake on top. I first discovered it while searching Pinterest (here's where we're pinning) and tracked it back to the wonderful Ninas kleiner Food-blog. She used an aluminum foil cutter and gives exact instructions on how to make these (her blog is in German, but at the top there's a button to get it translated into English, or whatever your preferred language is). Part of me is thinking, Well, I can stop cupcake blogging now because this is IT. But I also know that cupcake blogging is forever, and there are endless variations on our beloved dessert. Still, this is pretty amazing and I'm in pure food awe.