Cupcake Royale Official Cupcake of Seattle Mariners

Wow, Cupcake Royale is now at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington! It is the official cupcakery of the ballpark and of the Seattle Mariners. (Now, if the team could just win a game or two...) You can find them at several locations within the ballpark: Sections 133, 185, 214, 316 as well as in the Diamond Club (fancy) and The Moose's Den (not quite as fancy).

 I have no idea which section our stringer out west (ELD Images) shot these but he didn't get a chance to try the cupcakes. [Edit: ELD sez he and the missus were at section 214, the Terrace Club. Also, he suggested that they ought to have a baseball-themed cupcake, like the one that Emily Joy created (last shot), commissioned for the team.]