Georgetown Cupcake co-owner says building $9,800 cupcake tank was "coolest experience of our lives"

Wired has a short video and more information about the cupcake tank, a model of an M1 Abrams tank, built by Georgetown Cupcake:
“It was the coolest experience of our lives,” Sophie Lamontagne, the co-owner of Georgetown Cupcake, told Danger Room. Her pink smock was smeared with frosting. “I’ve probably been up since 6 a.m. yesterday,” she says, helping her crew build a sugary, sticky replica of the M1 — a $9,800 birthday present to the Army, covered in camouflage fondant and mocha buttercream.

Lamontagne also planned to put on a show — especially because TLC’s cameras were filming the tank at the Army’s Pentagon birthday party. Wires ran out from the tank’s innards, connecting an unfrosted 5-inch diameter cannon to an external air compressor. An ammunitions specialist from the bakery stuffed a cupcake into the barrel. The cupcake tank was armed. With a blast, a mid-morning dessert burst forth, splattering cake and fondant onto the courtyard walkway. A cheer went out.