4 big beautiful cupcake cakes plus white chocolate strawberry and raspberry cupcakes

Even though technically it's not a cupcake, there's something gorgeous about a giant cupcake cake, especially when bakers take the opportunity to go all out with the decorating. I mean, look at the Ferrero Rocher candy on top of the giant chocolate cupcake cake! These cupcake cakes as well as strawberry and raspberry white chocolate cupcakes are all by Trudy Scrumptious Cakes, via their Facebook page. They're based in Bedfordshire, UK, and can be reached at trudyarden1510 at gmail.com or 44 7546 711747.


Sarah said…
Those big ones are so nice they make me almost sad I got rid of my big cupcake pan!
WOW! Those are awesome. I would love to have one. :)