King Felix Cupcakes

You may not know this about me... but I love baseball more than I love cupcakes.  I know, crazy huh?  How could I love anything more than I love cupcakes?  But seriously... baseball is my first love.

So, when Jennifer Shea of Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle posted these King Felix cupcakes I thought I died and went to Heaven!

Don't know who King Felix is?

Felix Hernandez, King Felix as the fans call him, is a starting pitcher for the Seattle Mariners Baseball Club.  And he just happens to be the 23rd pitcher in baseball history to pitch a perfect game.  And he did it just a few days ago in Seattle.

(For all of you who are a little baseball ignorant, a perfect game is no one gets on base, there are no hits, no errors and no runs scored by the opposing team.  The pitcher pitched so perfectly that the other team couldn't even produce a single hit.  It had only happened 22 times in baseball history until Felix did it last week.)

Have I mentioned that I'm the HUGEST Seattle Mariners fan IN THE WORLD! I mean, I've loved this team since BIRTH!

So, Jennifer Shea is officially my favorite cupcake baker today cause she made these amazing cupcakes dedicated to one of my all time most favorite Mariner.... The Strike Out King... King Felix!

PS... Those "K"'s on the cupcakes stand for STRIKE in baseball!!!!

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Those are like really crispy and tasty.

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