Review: blueberry cheesecake and mocha cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcake

Yesterday I visited Georgetown Cupcake SoHo to try their other August special flavor, blueberry cheesecake. I bought one of those and a mocha cupcake (total $5.99) and loved the design of the blueberry cheesecake cupcake. It was very pretty and had a graham cracker bottom. I'm not a huge cheesecake fan, probably for the same reason most people actually like cheesecake. I find it too rich and creamy, so I'm not a great judge, but it did have lots of fresh blueberries in it and was cold and cool, which is perfect for summer. The mocha cupcake had a whipped type of frosting, not heavy like some buttercreams, and I don't know if the chocolate cake also had any mocha but they went well together. I also snapped their famous blinged out pink mixer. Visit for more information.


Anonymous said…
I absolutely loved the blueberry cheesecake cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes! I had that during a visit to my friend in D.C. on one of the hottest days of the year, and it was so refreshing! I am a huge fan of the banana split one they have on occasion. I haven't stopped talking about it since!