Bet you haven't seen this cupcake flavor before: grenadine cupcakes topped with Nerds

One of my favorite things about cupcake blogging is discovering new things every day: new flavors, new designs, new ingredients, new cupcake toppers, new ways people work their baking magic into their cupcakes. That never gets old, and as we move toward celebrating 8 years (!!) of cupcake blogging this December with our Cupcake Awards on December 15th, I am continually in awe when I come across something like...grenadine cupcakes topped with Nerds! I found them on TasteSpotting and before I even knew what kind of cupcakes they were, I knew I wanted to find out more, because they were so colorful. They're made by The Baking Robot who has the recipe, which involves Sprite and grenadine!


mail4rosey said…
I have NOT seen this flavor before, but I'm betting my kids would LOVE it!
omg! you just introduced me to tastespotting! my new fav site!