Cupcake review: key lime pie and Nutella cupcakes at Dessert Club ChikaLicious

On Friday, I stopped by Dessert Club ChikaLicious in New York's East Village and bought a key lime pie cupcake and a Nutella cupcake (total: $7.90). I definitely hadn't had the key lime pie one and wasn't sure about the Nutella. Both were very good; the key lime had more texture, thanks to graham cracker crumbs on the top and bottom, and while it could have been a tiny bit tarter (I like pretty tart desserts), it was very good. The Nutella had an incredibly smooth, light texture but rich taste and was delicious and was in line with the kind of frosting I expect from them. I also like the size of these cupcakes; they seem slightly smaller and daintier than your average cupcake but the taste more than makes up for it and makes you glad they are exactly the size they are so you can fully appreciate them. Visit for more information.