#CupcakeChat Is Back This Sunday: White Chocolate Cupcakes

White chocolate caramel cupcake

Summer's over, and the fall is the season for baking. It's time to bring back twitter chats. This Sunday, we'll chat about white chocolate cupcakes since Saturday September 22nd is National White Chocolate Day. Our twitter chat will be Sunday from 4-5PM EDT. I hope to hear from bakers all over the country and maybe the world.
We'll chat about the following:

  • What's your favorite white chocolate cupcake recipe? 
  • What brand of white chocolate chips do you use? 
  • What kind of frosting? White Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting?
  • Is white chocolate good with strawberry or raspberry?
  • How is using white chocolate differ from regular chocolate?

 Feel free to share your best recipes for white chocolate cupcakes either in the comments below or Sunday during the twitter chat. The official hashtag is #cupcakechat. Our twitter handle is @cupcakeblog