Sunday, September 23, 2012

Recap: #CupcakeChat on White Chocolate Cupcakes

Cupcake Chat on White Chocolate Cupcakes

I (Nichelle) hosted a twitter chat this afternoon. It was an international twitter chat with several of the people chatting lived in the UK, a few here in the US and one from all the down in New South Wales which is near Australia.

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Welcome to #cupcakechat! Happy Sunday!CupcakesTakeTheCake
I plan to host monthly Twitter chats from now until the spring.  Will do some holiday themed ones as well.  The hastag will be #cupcakechat.
Yesterday was National White Chocolate Day, so we're chatting about white chocolate cupcakes. #cupcakechatCupcakesTakeTheCake
National White Chocolate Day is September 22nd and invented by Nestle company ins Switzerland.  The first white chocolate was invented in 1930.- Punchbowl
@cupcakeblog YAY glad to be here! #cupcakechatPamela
White chocolate chips can't be easily replaced with regular chocolate in recipes because they burn quicker. #cupcakechatCupcakesTakeTheCake
White chocolate is sweeter than regular chocolate. If you substitute, then you may want to use less white chocolate. #cupcakechatCupcakesTakeTheCake
However substitutions in the cake can be dangerous and not turn out right. #cupcakechatCupcakesTakeTheCake
It's better to stick to white chocolate cupcake recipes instead of substituting white chocolate in chocolate cake recipes. #cupcakechatCupcakesTakeTheCake
Q1. What is your preferred white chocolate for baking? Baker's? Ghiradelli? #cupcakechatCupcakesTakeTheCake
White chocolate is often sold in chips or in big chunks. If you are tempering the chocolate, then it good go big. Here's a link on how-to tempering chocolate.
Haven't tried @elreychocolates but I just found them on twitter. It's Venezuelan chocolate. #cupcakechatCupcakesTakeTheCake
Another white chocolates that are good to use is Valrhona.
Q2. Is white chocolate going to more popular this autumn season? #cupcakechatCupcakesTakeTheCake
I am seeing white chocolate paired with pumpkin and the fall spices like cinnamon, ginger. #cupcakechatCupcakesTakeTheCake
Also white chocolate cream cheese frosting is a good upgrade on carrot cake cupcakes, sweet potatoes cupcakes as well. #cupcakechatCupcakesTakeTheCake
Oh some more fall spices to consider: cardamom, star anise and nutmeg. #cupcakechatCupcakesTakeTheCake
Oh, I forgot to mention white chocolate dipped pretzels on top of cupcakes! #cupcakechatCupcakesTakeTheCake
Check out the chocolate covered made by Fretzels.
Ever use Mozart white chocolate liqueur with cupcakes? @javacupcake did and here's a link to her recipe. #cupcakechat
Plus, if you making cake pops, white chocolate is used more and more. #cupcakechatCupcakesTakeTheCake
Q3. What's your favorite white chocolate flavor combination? with berries? citrus? root vegetable? #cupcakechatCupcakesTakeTheCake
RT @lifeissweetni: raspberry, coconut, and white choc is a great mix #cupcakechatCupcakesTakeTheCake
@cupcakeblog white chocolate peanutbutter !! Mmmm #cupcakechatPriya Tailor
@cupcakeblog I'm planning on doing Baileys and white chocolate cupcake experiments soon ! #cupcakechatPriya Tailor
@cupcakeblog I love white chocolate and passion fruit! Perfect combination in my opinion :)Miss Apple's Sweets
@_MissApple @cupcakeblog something I made earlier a good combination
White chocolate may not have all the nutrition as dark chocolate, but it can be combined with lots of different flavors. #cupcakechatCupcakesTakeTheCake
Here's a joke about #whitechocolate from a comedian I know here in NYC. #cupcakechat
Thanks to all you who joined on the chat. I hope you made some new Twitter friends. We'll do another chat in October. #cupcakechatCupcakesTakeTheCake