U.S. Senators and Representatives, send free cupcakes to a political opponent with Sprinkles Cupcakes' "Pay It Forward" political cupcake campaign

United States Senators and Representatives (and Washington, DC Congressional staffers wanting to do something sweet for your friends who work for a rival party's elected official), here's your chance to enjoy some cupcakes for free, courtesy of Sprinkles Cupcakes in Georgetown, via their Facebook page. And if you work for a Senator or Representative and take advantage of this promotion, we'd love to see photos and would consider a guest post about it. You can contact us at cupcakestakethecake at gmail.com with "Pay It Forward" in the subject line. Happy cupcake eating!

More from Huffington Post:
"Pay It Forward' is, according to a media release, a "cupcake-based anti-partisanship campaign based on Congressional cupcake gift shipments between parties."

From now until election day, Sprinkles' Georgetown shop is offering to send $40 worth of cupcakes, for free, from one Congressional office to another, so long as the sender and the recipient belong to different political parties.
And from Washington City Paper's Young & Hungry blog:
The promotion was inspired by last year’s Congressional Cupcake Wars, in which seven teams of Hill staffers competed in various baking challenges to win bragging rights and an edible trophy. Sprinkles founder Candace Nelson judged the competition last July and came up with the idea of the Pay It Forward campaign, saying she hopes “to inspire a spirit of bipartisanship on Capitol Hill.”


EXCELLENT and yummy! BRAVO! Sprinkles!