Bigger isn't always better when it comes to cupcakes

Some people might think that the bigger a cupcake, the more delicious, but I'm here to tell you that's not always the case. I visited Philly Cupcake in Philadelphia for the second time, with a friend who'd never been there. We both marveled at all the large, elaborate cupcakes, and selected a coconut one and a Twix caramel cupcake, for $4 each. The coconut one was very coconut-y without overdoing it, and both the design and execution worked. The Twix, not so much. The Twix candy itself was a bit stale, and the frosting, while it had a good texture and was creamy, just wasn't that flavorful, nor was the chocolate coating. I just wasn't that impressed, and neither was my friend, and then we had this big cupcake left sitting there. I will certainly try other flavors, but my main point was that oversize doesn't automatically mean delicious. Visit for more information.


Unknown said…
I recently went to that shop when we were in Philly at the end of August and I didn't think the cupcakes were oversize, at all. Or, by over size, do you mean tall? LOL