Black Cat Cupcakes

Meow! These Black Cat Cupcakes are absolutely purr-fect for any Halloween celebration! Better Homes and Gardens has posted an easy to follow how-to guide so you can bake up these adorable kitties using your own favorite cupcake recipe!

  • Using purchased or homemade cupcakes in any flavor, frost each cupcake with chocolate frosting. Cover the cupcake with chocolate sprinkles; be generous to give the impression of fur.
  • For eyes, cut a 1/8-inch-thick slice from the large end of two yellow gumdrops. Stick a short piece of shoestring licorice to the cut side of each slice to act as the cat's pupil. Press the eyes into the frosted cupcake.
  • For ears, use paring knife to cut chocolate candy coating dots into triangles. Insert ears into frosting on cupcake.
  • For whiskers, cut shoestring licorice into 1-1/2- to 2-inch lengths and arrange on cupcake. Pipe a frosting nose.

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    These are great, thanks for sharing.
    Unknown said…
    Wow, awesome cats! :)
    My kids are going to love this, thanks a lot!