Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) cupcakes with skulls and skeletons

Blakeycakes in Los Angeles has baked and styled some delightfully detailed Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) cupcakes! The Mexican holiday begins November 1st and ends November 2nd. This is not about cupcakes, but might give you some ideas for cupcakes, in Chicago there is a Dia de Los Muertos art exhibit at the National Museum of Mexican Art. Via Facebook where the official description reads:
A fitting, fluffy angel food cake becomes the cake base. On top sits an airy, buttery meringue buttercream frosting with bits of sweet apricot jam inside and a bit of thick apricot sauce oozing from the top. This holiday cupcake is completed with fondant marigolds, fondant heart milagros, and white candy chocolate skull ornaments on top decorated with royal icing patterns.
Contact owner Blake Anthony to place your own order at blakeycakes_ at hotmail.com or 818-577-8302 and find out more at blakeycakes.blogspot.com.


Wow! They are horrible!!!But very sweet!!!!
yucky, ugly, sweet, yummy... lol