I just ate my first cupcake push pop and it was delicious!

Sweet E's Mini Bake Shop, a bakery and delivery service in Los Angeles, was kind enough to send me a package of 6 cupcake push pops. I just ate my first one, both my first from the batch they sent and my first one ever. I tasted the cookie dough push pop and it was delicious, and perfectly formed for sharing and for those who like as much frosting as cake with each bite. I think it was either actual cookie dough, or cookie dough frosting that was very close to cookie dough, with that texture and a very delicious taste. Plus they're fun to eat! And very easy too; you really do just push and it rises. Visit them at sweetesbakeshop.com and on Facebook and contact them at info at sweetesbakeshop.com or 323-422-8885.

They also sent creamy chocolate, and I will be tasting them all soon.

They've also got Halloween themed cupcakes, including the flavor of the month, Bloodsucker (what a name!), cake pops, and push pops.