November 6: Bring Cupcakes To The Polls

Vote-o-booth: Nichelle Stephens A few weeks ago, I thought of this idea to encourage people to sign up an bring cupcakes to their local polling place on Tuesday, November 6th. However, the planning of this effort would take too much time. It would involve creating a website and maybe developing a mobile app. Anyway, I propose that our readers do a "Random Act of Cupcake Kindness" and bring a dozen cupcakes to the polls. Share cupcakes with people after they voted and/or share with poll workers. If you do it, please Tweet, Facebook, Foursquare or Instagram and use the hashtag #nov6cupcake. This is an nonpartisan effort to get more women to vote and let their voices be heard.


Lamorea Stanton said…
I will definitely be taking cupcakes to my polling station on election day and will tweet and facebook once I'm done! AWESOME suggestion!!
Jennifer said…
That's a cool idea! I was going to bring some to work post-election whether my candidate wins or loses but this may be even better act of camaraderie among voters!