Reynolds StayBrite Baking Cups

Have you seen Reynolds new StayBrite Baking Cups? They are absolutely adorable! In patterns like Damask, Monkeys and Holiday Swirl, these baking cups are perfect for any baking occasion! These baking cups aren't named StayBrite for nothing, unlike other colored baking cups that fade after baking, these ones retain their beautiful prints!

Best-Selling Authors Karen Tack and Alan Richardson of "Hello, Cupcake!" "What's New, Cupcake?" and "Cupcakes, Cookies and Pies, Oh My!" are also huge fans of Reynolds new product! They have even joined together to create the Design A Perfect Cupcake contest on facebook! Head over there to check out the latest submissions and even vote for your favorites!

You can purchase your own StayBrite Baking Cups at your local grocery store or online here!


Anonymous said…
We bought these from Reynold's at the Baking and Sweet Show and while the concept is awesome, the cupcakes separate from the wrapper since the foil is used to easily remove the cupcake.
jesirose said…
I have actually driven to 5 different stores in order to find these. Finally found them at Joanns and stocked up. They are 100% amazing. If you're doing anything for a party or event, these are perfect. I use the plain paper liners for testing recipes but these are my favorite for a display.

The only negative is the foil causes the sides of the cupcake to bake more than I expected - so when I made a red velvet cupcake, the insides were bright red but the sides were darker, almost brown, from the extra cooking from the foil.

Still tasted great ;)