Social media cake pops: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and G+

Cake pops company Cocomori, based in Chicago, whose name is based on Coco Chanel and Mariko Mori, makes all kinds of gorgeous cake pops. We'll be showcasing more of them soon, but here are their social media cake pops, via their Faccebook pagae. Find out more at and contact them at hello at or 312-208-8465. They ship their cake pops for $15 across the United States. You can find them @shopcocomori on Twitter as well as on Pinterest and Tumblr. I'll also remind you that you can find Cupcakes Take the Cake on Facebook (make sure to like us on Facebook AND use the drop down to click on "add to interests lists" to make sure to see all of our posts, and the same for any Facebook page you want to follow, or else you will only see a small percentage of their posts), Pinterest and @cupcakeblog on Twitter.


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