The Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy cupcake, with a chocolate covered potato chip, you've been waiting for is here, from I Am Cupcakes

The first thing I thought when I heard about Frankenstorm was "Who's going to make the first Frankenstorm cupcake?" According to my internet searching, it's I Am Cupcakes in Little Ferry, New Jersey, who posted it on Twitter (@iamcupcakeshop) and Instagram on October 27th. The official description from their Facebook page:
It's alive!! Its alive!! Our FRANKENSTORM Cupcake is born!! It`s a brown sugar cupcake with a thin, delicate layer of chocolate ganche topped with salted caramel frosting and a chocolate drizzled potato chip! It's the perfect storm of flavors!!
Their website is and they are located at 199 Main Street at the corner of Main Street and John Street in Little Ferry. Contact them at iamcupcakeshop at or 201-440-4249. Stay safe, readers and bakers, wherever you are!