These cupcakes are definitely in the "too pretty to eat" category - and that's a good thing!

I always worry when I saw cupcakes are "too pretty to eat" that people will take me literally and think I'm demeaning them. No, I would never encouraging wasting cupcakes, but I do endorse holding off on eating them for as long as possible to admire their beauty. These are by Carina's Cupcakes in Great Barford, Bedford, Befordshire, UK, via their Facebook page, and the first three, the white ones, are part of their cotton 'n' candy collection, but the last one was made by a student in one of their cupcake decorating classes! Contact them at info at or +44 7853 360152 and find out about their classes and cupcakes at


These cupcakes are divinely beautiful!
These could be porcelin decorations on a bedroom dresser. They are so lovely.