Tips On Big Batch Cupcake Baking From Blue Door Bakery

Bookmark this post! Sarah from Blue Door Bakery which is based in the UK, offers some great tips on big batch cupcake baking for the home/semi-professional baker. I picked three tips to post here but I highly recommend going to  Blue Door bakery's blog to read rest and follow them on Twitter.
  •  Knowing you have the right ingredients and the right amount of each ingredient may sound obvious but its easily forgotten. Two or three days before check your ingredients. 
  • Make your buttercream in advance and in BIG batches. Buttercream can be frozen and will keep in the fridge for roughly a week so why not make it in advance?! A quick mix of room temperature buttercream will have it as smooth as new. Just imagine. No icing sugar clouds to deal with on the day of the bake!
  • Tidy as you go – another obvious one but getting rid of empty packets and egg shells helps you concentrate. A quick wipe over surfaces helps clear your mind as well as your workspace.